OxiWizard Pulse Oximeter, Finger Pulse Oximeter and OLED Display, Pulse Oximeter Fingertip, Accurate Fast Sp02 Reading Oxygen Meter, Heart Rate Monitor for Adult Child with Lanyard and Batteries

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  • PERFUSION INDEX - The OxiWizard includes Perfusion Index (PI%) which is an advanced feature that determines the signal quality to ensure that the user always gets accurate measurement and can make adjustments to get a better measurements. A high PI% (over 3-4%) means that you are getting a proper measurement, a low measurement means that the user needs to make adjustments to get a better reading. No more guesswork with the PO-1 Oximeter!
  • ACCESSORIES - The OxiWizard includes a lanyard that is easy to install with an slot that easily guides the installation of the lanyard. The lanyard is great for a variety of uses such as hanging on a wall hook, belt, carabiner, and the users wrist. The PO-1 Oximeters also includes batteries which make it easy to use it right out of the box! Despite their scarcity we have sourced batteries from distributors throughout the US, to make sure you get the batteries you need to use your oximeter.
  • GRAPHICAL SCREEN - The OxiWizard includes a bright and easy to read screen that can easily be read under bright light and it has the option to flip in multiple direction with the touch of a button so that it can be used for a variety of professional and fitness uses and read in a variety of angles. The graphical screen is pleasing to watch with a real-time wave form. A battery indicator is also included so you get plenty of heads up to know to replace the battery soon.
  • VERSATILE - The OxiWizard accommodates a variety of finger sizes and can be used on any finger as it's spring hinge begins small to accomodate smaller hands and easily extends to accommodate larger fingers. Tested for adult, infant, or child use.
  • TRUSTED - Meets and Exceeds FDA, ROHS, and CE Standards- Meets FDA standard for fingertip pulse oximeters as per product code JJS regulation number 862.1660. In addition we provide a one year limited warranty so you can trust the PO-1 for whatever your needs are. FDA Device Listing #D428836. Accuracy certified using a DNI Oximeter Tester at +- 1% SpO2 (90 and above). Certifications and DNI Test reports available on request.

Part Number: PO-1

Details: With the OxiWizard Graphical Fingertip Oximeter with PI% you can easily take your Pulse Rate and SpO2 in matter of seconds. The OxiWizard Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a CE certified and FDA registered Oximeter that is easy to use, takes fast measurements, and has a variety of advanced features found only in the most high-end oximeters. The OxiWizard Graphical Finger Oximeter with PI has a bright attractive display which shows the users Pulse Rate, SpO2%, PI% as well as the waveform of the pulse rate. It has a comfortable non-slip silicone lining and not only does it open widely but it also moves vertically to fit larger fingers. The OxiWizard can accomodate just about any finger size. Oximeters such as the OxiWizard function by detecting the what percentage of hemoglobin is carrying oxygen quantified in Saturation of Peripheral Oxygen (SpO2%). Oximeters function by using two LEDs, one Red at a 660nm wavelength and one infrared with a wavelength of 940nm. Hemoglobin which does not carry oxygen allows more infrared light to pass through which allowing less red light to pass through. With this method of measurement a variety of factors can affect signal quality such as the temperature of the hands (cold hands have less blood flow), acrylic nail polish (reduces light passing through the finger), and position of the oximeter. Perfusion Index is a measurement of the signal and allows the user understand when signal quality is low thus allowing the user to easily remedy the lack of signal quality by either warming the hands such as putting their hands in their pockets for a minute, removing nail polish, or changing the position of the finger. The batteries of the OxiWizard oximeters are installed in opposite directions as per the indication stickers and imprint within the battery compartment in order to provide such a compact form factor. Accuracy certified using a DNI Oximeter Tester at +- 1% SpO2 (90 and above). Certifications and DNI Test reports available on request.

Package Dimensions: 7.3 x 4.6 x 1.9 inches

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