Medpride Sterile Non-Adherent Pads| 100-Pack, 3” x 4”| Non-Adhesive Wound Dressing| Highly Absorbent & Non-Stick, Painless Removal-Switch| Individually Wrapped for Extra Protection

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  • NON-STICK WOUND DRESSING PADS: The Medpride sterile cotton pads make for a comfortable and painless removal and switching. Use in combination with gauze if necessary, for enhanced wound dressing results.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Our 100-pack sterile pads come individually wrapped to ensure and protect their sterilization for as long as possible. The protective envelope can be easily opened by peeling from the designated spot, for greater ease of use.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE & ABSORBENT: Absorbency for mildly exuding wounds-stage II, and III. Size is 3” x 4” and in each pack you get 100 dressing pads. Perfect for cystic acne, blemishes, burns, ulcers with mild-exudate, smaller post-op wounds, blisters, cuts, dermatitis, cracked skin & more.
  • DIFFERENT SIZES FOR YOUR NEEDS: The Medpride ouch-less medical dressing pads come in sizes: 2'' x 3'', 3'' x 4'' and 3'' x 8'' so that you find exactly what you need for your type of wound/ exudate.

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Part Number: 60733

Details: Sterile Non-Adherent Pads by Medpride Medpride is happy to announce the next addition to its disposable First-Aid essentials, the sterile non-adherent pads. Highly Versatile Non-Stick Wound Dressing Our pads do not stick to the wound, making for a very comfortable application, removal and switching of dressings when necessary. High in absorption as they are made out of medical-grade cotton, fully sterile and individually wrapped in peel-open envelopes, they are a great addition to all First Aid Boxes & Kits. Coming in sizes: 2'' x 3'', 3'' x 4'' and 3'' x 8'' Perfect For Mildly Oozing Wounds: ✔ Cystic acne ✔ Blemishes ✔ Burns ✔ Ulcers with mild-exudate ✔ Smaller post-op wounds ✔ Blisters ✔ Cuts ✔ Dermatitis ✔ Cracked skin & more A Wound Dressing Pack Deal that is Value Packed. With each purchase you get a box of 100 sterile, non-adhesive cotton pads for wound dressing. Making it one of the best deals on Amazon for you to stock up and always stay prepared. Click Add To Cart Today & Never Experience Wound Dressing Discomfort Again

Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 6.1 x 4.4 inches

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