Donut Pillow Seat Cushion Orthopedic Design| Tailbone & Coccyx Memory Foam Pillow | Relieve Pain and Pressure for Hemorrhoid, Pregnancy Post Natal, Surgery, Sciatica (Black)

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Brand: Lexia

Color: Black


  • CHIROPRACTOR and DR RECOMMENDED- Due to it extreme comfort, and great success rate, Dr.’s will recommend the donut pillow, to decrease and pressure pain, and increasing your comfort while sitting. In addition, it promotes proper spine alignment. This is especially great, for right AFTER BIRTH.
  • RELIEF PAIN & INCREASE COMFORT- Due to the pillow's contoured shape, the pressure while sitting will be evenly distributed alleviating much of the pressure on your coccyx and tailbone, thus decreasing any hemorrhoid pain, coccyx and tailbone pain back pain, or sores..
  • HIGH QUALITY MEMORY FOAM & FABRICS The High Memory foam in the donut pillow, will allow you to sit for a long time, without getting uncomfortable, as it won’t flatten over time-will provide utmost comfort while sitting. temperature and pressure sensitive; will contour to the body's shape to provide optimal comfort
  • TO BE USED EVERYWHERE! - Lexia Donut pillows are so easy to carry, so it is great for travel too. It works everywhere with a seat, such as, the, plane, bus, car, wheelchair, office chair or home. take it along to wherever needed.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE COVER-CAN BE USED EVERYWHERE-The portable donut pillow, can be taken with you all over, and can be used, on any kind of chair-WHEELCHAIR, OFFICE CHAIR, PLANE, CAR...etc. The cover can be easily removed to machine wash, to get it looking fresh and clean.

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model number: Seat Cushion donut pillow shape

Part Number: donut cushion pillow

Details: Take Action Against Tailbone Pain Effectively With The Best Memory Foam Donut Cushion By LEXIA. Anyone suffering from tailbone pain could agree on how annoying it is to be in constant pain even while sitting in your office chair or in your sofa. Same goes for all those dealing with hemorrhoids, prostate, coccyx and sciatica pain that comes after the childbirth. And unfortunately, the more you sit, the worse the pain gets, making it impossible to enjoy your daily activities. Starting Today: Add The LEXIA Pillow In Your Daily Life & Relieve Your Body From The Disturbing Pain. Thanks to its contoured shape, this donut pillow takes the pressure off your tailbone and distributes your weight evenly so you can sit in any chair pain-free. The donut pillow allows proper blood circulation in your legs and lower back while it also helps you adopt a better posture ensuring incomparably more comfortable sitting. A Small Change In Your Sitting Routine - A Big Difference In Your Life! An average working person spends at least 1/3 of the day seated in a chair, without even taking into account the time we spend sitting in the car or at home. Among others, prolonged sittings causes tailbone pain and poor posture which again, cause more pain and discomfort. To stop this vicious circle the least you can do is to provide yourself with a comfortable seat cushion that will not only make that disturbing pain go away but will also encourage you to improve your posture. Take the best care of your overall body and try the Donut Pillow today - the results will be rewarding!

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Package Dimensions: 16.0 x 7.8 x 5.7 inches

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